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6 responses to “All Kinds of Chicago Cubs Outfield Rumors”

  1. Aisle 424

    Two words at the trade deadline: Carl. Crawford.

  2. Kevin Gallo

    I like Gardner just because of his speed and his ability to play defense. I have a feeling feeling if given a chance to play every he would make a really good leadoff make. He is rated 80 out of 80 in speed acording to american scouting. I dont know what Fuld is rated. I would love to see them give Fuld a shot, but if they dont I think gardner is a good choice for leadoff and I dont think will cost too much in trade. Carl Crawford is going to cost a arm and a leg.

  3. Aisle 424

    I am less enamored with the Cubs farm system than many people, so I am willing to trade guys with upside in order to get a proven outfielder who will still only be 29 in 2011. I was not so gung-ho on trading the whole farm system for Granderson, who is at this point a glorified platoon player.

    I’d like Fuld to be given a shot because if he surprises everyone, they don’t have to go out and trade for anybody to fill that role. If he fails, we’ll know he’s failed and I doubt the season will be made or broken by the fortunes of Sam Fuld being in center for a couple of months.