After finally trading Milton Bradley, Jim Hendry can turn his focus to the clear, singular problem with this team: the lack of middle relief.

Um. Guh?

Matt Capps is the primary target this point. Capps, the closer for the Pittsburgh Pirates last year, was absolutely terrible, posting a 5.80 ERA. He was therefore non-tendered by the club, but he’s drawn heavy interest as a free agent because he’s still relatively young, and because prior to last year, he was pretty darn good.

And among those teams, the Cubs look to be a finalist.

Capps’ agent, Paul Kinzer, said Capps could be down to two teams today, the Cubs and almost certainly the Washington Nationals, who are offering a chance to close. ”That’s the only thing the Cubs have going against them,” Kinzer said. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

The Nationals are rumored to be offering only one year, which means the Cubs are probably offering two. Which, like, Hendry, duh.

  • KB

    Signing Capps would be so idiotic that it’d be impossible to believe for anyone except the shockingly inept Nats and James Hendry.

    What exactly does he have to do to get fired?
    Honestly…it’s not a rhetorical question. Trade Starlin Castro for Vernon Wells? Hand out a $100 million contract for a reliever? Is there a line in the sand someplace? I’m beginning to think no.