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20 responses to “OMG Carlos Zambrano to the Yankees?? Chillax”

  1. Eric C

    Haha, your description of the available Cubs pitchers was hilarious.

  2. Kevin G

    Why is everyone so in love with Carlos? To quote Bull durham he has a million dollar arm and a 2 cent head. If you can get at least Hughes, Gardner and a top prospect that would be great. Specially if it their top hitting prospect, the catcher that is projected to hit 40 hr a year. Then take the money and got get Chapman. Everyone needs to look big picture.

  3. s.p.

    If the rumors are true, why not try and unload Soriano as well because I really see him making the Cubbies any better.

  4. s.p.

    That was meant to say NOT make the Cubs any better. Hendry really should get creative this offseason for a change. Prove you really want to bring a championship to the Northside!

  5. juniorbors

    Im on board with Kevin G. Put Gardner in center, Hughes can have some time to work on things and the NL is more forgiving. Build the farm system up and save money. Maybe walk away from the Cuban.
    Z is no way a sure thing. Dont know how you could even say he is unless you are referring to its a sure thing he will not win more then 15 games, be overpaid, not show up for the big game, implode during an inning when an error is made. . . . . . .

  6. juniorbors

    Did you just verify what I was saying with your response. I believe you stated that he was a “sure thing” and then in the next sentence mentioned he was inconsistent. So, its a sure thing that he is inconsistent. Past 7 years, one of the best 5, only on a cubs blog could you get away with that statement.

  7. Kevin G

    You cant tell me i he is a #1 pitcher. A #1 is consistent he is reliable, he isnt a baby that fits when things dont go their way. Look at Maddux one of the greatest pitchers of alltime, Roy Halliday a great in his our right. Big Z is not a #1 but he is getting #1 money so in my option he has to go so we can get a real #1 soon.

  8. KB

    Here’s how we trade Z to the Yankees: they get Z if they take Soriano back.
    Frankly, they might like Alf in that lineup. And his contract would only be an anchor for 29 teams, not the Spanks.

    Have NY throw in Hughes or someone young. Commit to rebuilding. Transfer Jim to a job that he might actually be able to be good at.

  9. Kevin Gallo

    30 no but there arent 30 #1 in the majors. How about 21 C.C. Sabathia

  10. Kevin G

    Again I am not say he doesnt have amazing stuff it is where his head is at. He is ruled too much by his emotions. So he doesnt make the adjustment needed to be a #1. Does he have #1 stuff yes but he doesnt have the head for it. That is the difference sometimes from being a number 1 and a number 2 or 3. Case and point the guy that just got trade to the Yankee (I would bucther the spelling of his name) has amazing stuff but doesnt have the head to be a #1.

  11. elkhound

    Maybe we can get Steve Trout and Dick Ruthven to come out of retirement!