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8 responses to “The End of the Milton Bradley Era: A Portrait of the Player as a Young Man”

  1. Tim

    Wow very well done. Bradley will not be missed.

  2. Butcher

    Nicely done, Ace.

  3. KB

    Good job, Ace. I’ve always wanted him to stay a Cub, because I don’t give a damn if he’s a nice guy or not. But he truly seems hellbent on being a disruptive influence.

    It’s a shame for Cub fans that he’ll likely have an All-Star-calibre year in Seattle, and Silva will totally suck ass for us, but them’s the breaks. Shoulda signed Dunn.

    But then, we always knew that.

  4. ME

    I didn’t really care for the signing in the first place. With all the issues he’s had before, and the fact that his best year was as a DH, I didn’t see anything good happening in this situation. Coming back into the field, Fukudome should have been the MVP of defense this year. Because having to go between him and Soriano was a task within it’s self. Granted, Fukudome’s offense was still bad, but it just looked like our outfield just killed us this entire year on both sides offense and defense. It was a sad year. This year does not appear to be any better. Now with Bradley gone, everyone will be back to booing Soriano for being injured and batting .270 again. Hopefully not…..but if possible, Nyjer Morgan would be the best pick up the Could have. Either him or even just pulling up one of our minor leaguers. I know Fuld isnt the end all, but he sure wouldn’t be bad leading off with that speed either. Keep Fukudome back in his spot that he came from Asia in…..1 or 2. I just don’t have the warm and fuzzy’s about this next season. End of the day, Bradley is gone, too bad soo sad, but we had to dump him for a good BP pitcher.

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