17 responses to “In Case You Were Hoping for Melky Cabrera”

  1. Kevin Gallo

    They blew it again. I dont think Melky would have been a good fit the cubs but I really wanted to see Gardner in a Cubs uniform. I know you said you dont cre about speed but speed can completely change a game. His OBP isnt that bad and that is what you want in leadoff man? I really dont see Bryd as a solution and really hate to see them waste the money on someone that just isnt going to help. I really think a lead off man is needed for the Cubs to have a good season. I think the other key is going to be Alfonso Soriano a key as far as RBI man. If the new Htting Coach can fix his swing that would be great.

    1. Jay

      i agree with you 100% byrd and melky wouldnt have done any good for the cubs..but i personally think the cubs should call the braves and inquire about a possible trade for mclouth in CF he’d be a good lead-off man hes quick plays good defense in center and is the left handed bat that the cubs need…me personally as a cubs fan would love to see nate in a cubs uniform and thinks he would be a great player to have

    2. Ace

      I agree that Melky (or Gardner, if Fuld is not going to get a shot) is preferable to Byrd. No doubt.

      I hope Rudy can fix Soriano’s swing. It’s tough to teach an old dog like him new tricks, but it does happen. I’ll settle for almost anything above his pathetic effort last year.

  2. Kevin G

    I just dont think the Braves are willing to give up Mclouth. I dont see it happening I would love see Gardner or maybe Rajai Davis I know Ace isnt a big fan of Davis. But their Leadoff man is going to be Theriot next year. Dont get me wrong I love the way Theriot plays but I see him as a 2 hole hitter. They need a leadoff man.

    1. Ace

      Yeah, McClouth would be a dream acquisition for this Cubs team, but the Braves are highly unlikely to consider moving him.

  3. Kevin G

    Hold onto your hat Yankees looking for a cheap leeft fielder so gardner may still be availiable.

    1. Ace

      I fear what you might do if the Cubs actually pursue Gardner. :)

  4. Kevin G

    My fear is that the Yankees will go after Byrd and good old Jimbo will really over pay for Byrd. But i dont think more the Marshell to get Gardner and may be get the Yanks to throw in a low level Prospect.

  5. Hawkboy64

    Hurry up and sign byrd Xalready b4 we end up with ankiel

  6. brian

    DON’T SIGN ANY OF THESE SCRUBS!! With Fuld and Colvin we have better CF’s than these 3 guys. I realize that their experienced is better but byrd, pods and the boras rip off, have most likely reached their peak… Let’s see what the farm can do, if a good to great CF can come for a reasonable value, pick him up. but till then, let the farm get some experience

    1. Ace

      Again, I just wish Brett Jackson were a little bit older and more experienced (with the same level of success). If he continues to succeed, he’s the CF of the future here.

  7. Kevin Gallo

    Screw it if the cant get Get a centerfield through a trade and I really think it should be a leadoff man like Rajai Davis, Dexter Fowler(I am sure Ace will hate this idea) or (Yes Ace) Brett Gardner. I say we go with Fuld he is a great hard nose fielder and I think given the shot would be descent hitter. Like I have said before I would rather see Fuld in Center and see them use the money for a 2nd baseman.

    1. Ace

      DEXTER FOWLER!?!?!

      Nah, nah. I’m just kidding. Fowler would be great – but he’s uber cheap for several more years (won’t even be arbitration-eligible for two more seasons), so the Rockies have absolutely no reason to trade him.

  8. juniorbors

    I heard that the Cubs had a package together for McLouth when he became available last year, but Pittsburgh didnt want to send inner division (dont know the merit to this). McLouth would be perfect, I believe he holds the record for most consecutive stolen bases without being caught or picked off. Oh well, atlanta wont move him.

    1. juniorbors

      Is Sizemore a pipe dream?

      1. Ace

        Probably. The Indians have him locked up super cheap ($5.6 mill next year, $7.5 in 2011, $8.5 in 2012 – damn, how did they get him to sign that contract?), and he’s a huge, huge fan favorite in Cleveland.

        He fell off quite a bit last year, though, so who knows how he’ll perform this year.

    2. Ace

      Ugh … McClouth would be so ideal.