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7 responses to “Matt Capps is Gonna Get Paid”

  1. Jake

    Capps is a much better option than Grabow. This article explains his rough 2009 pretty well. It’s not a stretch to expect him to pitch better next season.

  2. Sean

    I know jim loves his relievers but the cubs do have a weak/young bullpen. I live 2 hours from pittsburgh and when matt capps is healthy he is a very very good reliever. last year he had to battle injuries which was why his era was so high. he also was more successful as a set up man. if capps is healthy and the cubs don’t have to over pay too much for him it would be a GREAT addition for the cubs.

  3. brian

    While I don’t agree with spending all this money on Capps, Marmol does worry me. I would like to see a viable option just in case Marmol’s control is a problem. Don’t get me wrong I like Marmol but control has been an issue in the past and having someone to step in when he’s not on his game would make sense