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8 responses to “Capps Decision Looming – He’s Leaning Toward the Nats”

  1. Kevin G

    Outside of being a backup plan for Marmol (Who I dont fully trust) why do we need him?

  2. Kevin G

    Man we agreed on 2 things in 1 day that just scarely.

  3. Kevin G

    We need a 2nd baseman and a centerfielder and hope we will get a leadoff man out of one of those two. That what we need!

  4. Kevin G

    They need a 2nd baseman and centerfielder and a leadoff man from one of those 2. That is what is needed plain and simple!

  5. Cardfan

    Devastating news. The season is over before the first pitch!

    On a lighter note – Merry Christmas. May Santa bring you a mentally stable outfielder…