It’s no secret that – for better or WORSE – the Chicago Cubs’ top target to fill the void in center field is Marlon Byrd. But there hasn’t been a whole lot of information available about how much money Byrd is seeking. Conventional wisdom (i.e. – what’s slapping around in my brain) has him wanting a two or three year deal, and a substantial raise on his $3 million salary from last year. This is his first year of free agency.

But whatever that amount is, apparently, it’s currently too rich for the Cubs’ blood. Bruce Levine recently said that Byrd’s current asking price is not realistic.

You have to wonder if he’s using Bobby Abreu’s recent two-year, $19 million re-up as a benchmark for an asking price, which would of course be hilariously silly.

Levin also reported that Scott Podsednik is asking for three years and $12 million, so I guess you never know. Apparently these guys think MLB was immune to the recession. We’ll see if they are right, but let’s hope the Cubs don’t help in that regard.

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  • Taylor N

    So why is everyone so high on this guy I think the cubs should go after Rick Ankiel

    • Kevin Gallo

      I Still think we are going to trade route or stay with Fuld. I think Fowler maybe avaible because it sounds like Eric Young Jr maybe ready and Fowler maybe blocking him. The rockies said they will listen to all trade for outfielders.

      • Ace

        If Fowler is truly on the block, I’m sure the Cubs will give him a look.

    • Ace

      No idea, Taylor. No one ’round these parts is particularly interested in Byrd.

      Then again, we aren’t too crazy about Ankiel as more than a bench bat, either.

  • juniorbors

    Wow. Can’t believe scotty pods is asking for 3 years and 12. He was out of baseball for a reason last year. He struck gold with the sox. I heard byrd wants 3 at 8 per. That’s crazy. Cubs shouldn’t even be considering either one of these clowns. Resign reed to 1 at 3 tops and platoon him with fuld or colvin whoever wins it in camp.

    • Ace

      That, increasingly, sounds like the best idea.

  • Kevin G

    Wow we agree on something.Lol. I am olnly suggesting other because they arent going to give Fuld a chance.

    • Ace

      We had to find something eventually.

  • leeroy

    remember what tom ricketts said: he is commited to doing whatever it takes for the cubs to win the series now. i believe this, and all other deals, is geared towards what he said. if this will get the cubs over the hump and bring a title back to where it belongs, RIGHT HERE IN CUBBIELAND, then i’m all for it.

    • Ace

      Well, I’ll believe when the moves start actually looking like they are geared toward winning a championship.