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2 responses to “Always a Bridesmaid – Capps Chooses Nats”

  1. DaveB

    If we were going to throw money at a reliever, I’m glad we went with Grabow over Capps.

    Now that we didn’t get Capps, hopefully Hendry will finally focus his attention on an outfielder/2nd baseman, which is what we really need. Hopefully the money we would have spent on Capps can go towards a better outfielder than fuckin Ankiel or Pods.

  2. KB

    Signing Grabow wasn’t throwing money out the window.
    It was setting it on fire.

    I was blissful when Capps chose the Nats. It’s instructive to note that the only 2 teams seriously considering wasting cash on Capps were the worst franchise in MLB, and the Hendry’s.