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22 responses to “Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animals”

  1. Kevin Gallo

    Merry Christmas too everyone.

  2. Kevin Gallo

    My wish for the Cubs is a Centerfielder, 2nd baseman, leadoff man and #1 starter (that one was for Ace, Merry Christmas :)).

  3. Hawkboy64

    All I heard fr weeks was that Bradley being traded didn’t hold up the cubs from making moves. And nothing happened then all I heard was tht Bradley nt being traded was holding the moves up he’s been traded and still nothing while most of the quality options are being snapped up by other teams cmon hendry do something go to ricketts who says he wants to win well spend the money ANd prove it 100+ years and counting

  4. DaveB

    To me, signing Byrd/Pod/Ankiel is NOT proof that Ricketts wants to win.
    I can live with Baker at 2nd platooning with someone, but I feel we need a legitimate outfielder for this team or else we’re fucked. Anyone who thinks Fuld will cut it is just not thinking clearly, and although I love Reed, even seeing him as a full-time platoon player is a stretch based on his performance last year.
    Because there are no more legitmate FA options available for the outfield, the only way this is going to happen is via trade.
    It doesn’t seem like Hendry is interested in getting an outfielder via trade however, so it looks like 2010 = just another miserable season.

    Merry Christmas to Ace and everybody!
    (And btw Ace, you’re completely right regarding the whole Hendry/Epstein/comparision debate on the forums)

  5. Kevin G

    Ace I have a question for you do you think That Brandon Webb (if the D-Back are out of it), Josh Beckett (if the sox feel they cant sign him), Cain (if the giants are out of it) and maybe Oswalt will be available at trade deadline? I know that alot of if but I think it possible.

  6. Kevin G

    Hope u had a merry christmas

  7. DaveB

    I have a hard time believing the Red Sox would ever trade someone because they ‘feel they can’t resign him’, that hasn’t really been Theo’s MO. Especially when it comes to a player like Beckett, the Red Sox will ALWAYS be capable of throwing as much money at a player as anyone else.
    I don’t see the Giants trading Cain. With Lincecum thats a damn good 1-2 punch that would be kind of foolish to break up.
    Brandon Webb and Oswalt have had injury issues, i don’t see it worth the risk to give up the farm in return for players who might not be in the top form they always have been.
    The Cubs could definitely use another solid SP but they have more pressing needs. I don’t see them using up their resources to trade for another team’s ace when they could use those resources to fill other more glaring needs and still get a solid middle-of-the-rotation-pitcher who would not come at such a high cost.

  8. Kevin G

    Ace have you heard any rumor about a center fielder called fernando Perez? I dont even know who this guys is or who he plays for the only Fernando Perez I found was with Tampa and if it him. He has great speed (95 out of 100) but a big hole is his bat (batting 25 out of 100). I do love speed butas you have said before they need to get on base. By the way Brett Gardner had a 78 out of 100 for batting.

  9. DaveB

    Are you going by video game rating?

  10. Kevin G

    Yes the are from scouting reports. I am a former high school baseball coach, before I joined the military after 9/11. I dont rely on video games for my info.

  11. Kevin G

    I got it off cube scouting which is a 0-100 because that was the only place I could find him for a scouting report. I normally like using america baseball scouting which is 20-80 scale.