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3 responses to “In Case You Needed a Kick in the Crotch: Cubs Playoff Disasters of the 2000s”

  1. KB

    They could also have mentioned that Dusty let a young kid named Mark Prior continue to pitch in Game 2 despite his ragged arm, and the fact that we had an 8-0 lead. After 5 innings, the score was 11-0. What does the manager do? Trot out young Mark to rack up some more wear and tear, that’s what. yes, he pitched the 5th.
    And the 6th.
    And the 7th.
    And the 8th!
    After the Marlins got a couple baserunners in the 8th, Dusty decided to finally rest the young chap, with a 12-2 lead. I mean, there’s no way they’d need the kid to pich deep into a game later in the Series, right?

  2. HTC

    This makes me want to cry. I try to block out 2003, but the whole five outs away thing…I think I have PTSD.