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23 responses to “New Centerfield Names Emerging: Damon, Ellsbury, Perez”

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  2. Kevin Gallo

    These are the cost of Jacob Ellsbury from what I am hearing Josh Vitters, Had-Ju Lee, Andrew Cashner, and Jay Jackson. Any thoughts on the that price. I think Vitters is high over rated I saw him play when he was with the Chiefs and again during the AFL. He wasnt very selective at the plate Castro was much better, Vitters will most likley be alot like Adam Dunn strikeout wise and his defense was below avarage at best. I dont know much about the otherI know Lee is a ss and the other two are pitcher I dont know if the are starter or reliefer.

  3. Kevin Gallo

    Just rereaded my post sorry about the typos really should completely wake up before I post anything.

  4. brian

    If the Cubs got Ellsbury I would be actually happy with this offseason. I think it shouldn’t cost all four of those prospects and most likely would have to involve a third team. I don’t know much about Perez but Ellsbury I see as the only option worth while other than keeping it in house having Fuld platooning with Johnson. I’d say if the deal is there pull the trigger, as long as it doesn’t cost the farm.

  5. brian

    oh and Damon shouldn’t even be considered, the fact that his name is in this and has been tossed around scares me.

  6. TonO78

    Trade them all for Ellsbury (I would only really keep Cashner because he could be viable RP or even closer in the next 5 years). They are CUBS prospects, which mean 4A guys who underachieve. Ellsbury= defense, offense, lead-off, SB, and not big money until other contracts have finally expired.

  7. KB

    Think about the notion of Hendry/Gary Hughes making a trade with the Red Sox brain trust. Jim is not a bad trader, so I doubt we’ll be fleeced. But our farm system will certainly take a giant hit.

    Does Ellsbury have any power at all?

  8. Kevin G

    I would be ok with this if we got some low level prospects if not they may as well just rade for A-Gon themselves and trade and flip him of D Lee. Otherwise they are kind of getting screwed.

  9. Kevin G

    I would be ok with this if we got some low level prospects if not they may as well just rade for A-Gon themselves and trade and flip him or D Lee. Otherwise they are kind of getting screwed.

  10. juniorbors

    I personally dont understand where Boston benefits by trading him? They would be trading him to make way for Bay? Why? Ellsbury doesnt make money. He is a good financial fit and if they are adding Bay they are making a push for today not taking a step back. Boston would not benefit by trading Ellsbury for prospects unless they know something we do not. Ellsbury is key both offensively and defensively. Cameron was supposed to be slotted in one of the corners.
    That all being said I believe Ellsbury is a better fit than even Granderson. This would be an great addition defensively and a terror on the basepaths. We will see, but I think it is highly doubtfull

  11. Kevin G

    San diego doesnt want him. I live in San diego it been all over the radio. They want prospects and pitching. The Red Sox are will to throw in Clay (and I am going to bucther this one) Bulozho. So I would be surprise if this is possible. But it depends more on the Padres then the Sox.

  12. Kevin G

    To finish the Red sox dont want to give up as much of their farm system as the padres are asking for so they want to bring in a third team. ho know that the GM of the padres was an assist GM for the Red Sox right? So he he knows their farm system too well for the their liking. It does make scense if you know what going on from the other side of the trade.

    1. juniorbors

      Well, who knows, I guess anything can happen, hell the Bears are up 16-0 at half, maybe even Hendry can get his head out of his ass and pull this off.

  13. Kevin G

    Did you hear tha Big Z is eminently available? See the Cubs dont seem as happy with him as you are?:)

    1. DaveB

      You should leave the blogging to Ace, Big Z is definitely NOT available.
      When the Yankees contacted Hendry about Z, he told them it would take the farm and the Yankees to eat ALL of Zs contract for the Cubs to even CONSIDER trading Z… hes not going anywhere

  14. Kevin G

    first I would hope Ace would know I am just giving him a hard time because of a blog earlier we were talking about and two do you read any other websites? Although Ace does a great Job there are other sites with other opion

  15. KB

    Of all the weird trade ideas, the oddest one is the AGonz/Padres situation. Why on earth would they trade him? He’s got a WAY under-market contract, he’s under their control for 2 more years, he’s by far their best and most popular player, and he’s 26!

    Trading him would be like ……
    well, it would exactly mimic what Ron Burdundy said to San Diego.