Mini-update, as it relates to the Chicago Cubs: With Bay going to the New York Mets, that’s one fewer outfielder who could take a spot in the Boston Red Sox outfield, thus forcing the Sox to trade Jacoby Ellsbury to the Cubs. It also means that Matt Holliday is incrementally more likely to accept the St. Louis Cardinals’ offer to return next year.

Hey, you wanted to know how the Bay signing affected the Cubs, didn’t you?

  • Kevin G

    I really think the Red Soxs should look into Dye. I think he would be a good fit (or the yankee, I still really like Gardner).

    • Ace

      Unfortunately for you, Levine said yesterday that Gardner is “not available.”

  • hawkboy64

    how long is hendry going2 wait now holiday most likely will resign with the cardinals and weve done nothing but fix one of hendrys own mess-ups , its time 2 start our off-season any ideas any1 where we might get started that actually might happen and nt aproduct of some agents propaganda machine