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3 responses to “Jim Hendry Hearts Relievers: Cubs Are Looking at Jose Contreras”

  1. Kevin Gallo

    I see on that the interest in grossly over stated. There is the quote “A report from notes that recent acquisition Carlos Silva will likely fill the role of long reliever for the club, making Contreras an unlikely fit in Chicago. Furthermore, the 38-year-old will likely attract better offers from teams that see him as a starter.

    As for Spilborghs, a major league source told Troy Renck of the Denver Post that reports of the Cubs’ interest in him are overstated. Renck’s gut feeling tells him that the Rockies’ asking price will be too high to get a deal done.”

  2. juniorbors

    Dont know why you would trade away players to fill a role that free agent, Reed Johnson has done nicely when healthy. I know the yanks want Reed but I cant believe he would be asking for more than 1 @ 3mil. Dependent upon what happens with the outfield situation, center specifically, what is Xavier Nady asking price? When does it become a matter of leaving Fukodome in center and exploring a Nady or Dye in right instead?