After some very clear indications that the Chicago Cubs were not really listening to offers on Carlos Zambrano, Si’s Jon Heyman threw a wrench into things with this tweet:

before getting javy, #yanks definitely talked to #cubs about zambrano, who appears eminently available.


That’s not just a little available. That’s eminently available. As in, the Chicago Cubs would very much like to trade Zambrano. There has been some back and forth in the comments about whether this is true, and if so, whether it is wise, but I still find this hard to believe. If Zambrano were “eminently” available, he’d be a Yankee.

Sure, Carlos Zambrano is probably available in the same way that any very large contract, probably overpaid player, is available. If some team wants to blow the Cubs away and take all of Zambrano’s contract, sure, the Cubs will listen – as they should. But are the Cubs actively shopping Zambrano? That simply doesn’t make sense. With a rotation that already features a dearth of certainty, moving Zambrano would leave the Cubs to open the season with Ryan Dempster and Randy Wells – each of whom is far from certain, in their own right – and then three question marks.

That all said, if the Cubs can manage to land a young, cheap, but established starting pitcher in a Zambrano deal, it should be considered. But what team out there has the kind of money necessary to take on Zambrano’s girthy contract, and simultaneously has solid, ML-quality, young starting pitchers to throw around?

  • James

    There are many Zambrano deals that would make sense for the Cubs, such as Clay Buccholz and Ellsbury. However far fewer that would make sense for the other team.

    I think I’d take Phil Hughes and Brett Gardiner for him. Again, I doubt the Yanks would have any interest.

  • Kevin Gallo

    For the record I do think Zambrano has #1 stuff, but its his additude that is not a #1. I do think we should trade him just because of the money but I am think more like trade deadline if we are out of it or The beginning of next offseason. Because they dont have a strong enough rotation to lose another starter. They only way is if the could get a big time major league ready prospect in return. I would love to see the Cubs pick up Chapman (but unless the drop some money not going to happen.) , but I would love to see Beckett, Lee or Webb in a Cubs uniform even more next year. So I am for trading him but not until we can get what we need as far as a good young package. I dont even think they have to get rid of all his money even if they got rid of 75% of it with a good package from the trade I would be happy. Not to mention knowing how emotional Zambrano is, he is most likely pretty pissed at the Cubs now.

  • DaveB

    I REALLY don’t understand why this story with Z keeps resurfacing, it’s actually getting kind of annoying.

    Hes NOT going anywhere. It makes absolutely no sense to talk about all these trade scenarios because he has a COMPLETE no-trade clause.

    When his agent was asked about the whole Yankees thing, he said that the Cubs never approached him with any trade/asking if Z would waive the no-trade clause. He also said that it didn’t matter because Z has no interest in waiving it.

    Once again, hes NOT going ANYWHERE. He will be on the mound opening day 2010 for the Cubs

    • Ace

      I don’t understand the rumors myself, Dave (and think that he’s available in the sense that for a ridiculous sum, any player is available), but there’s an awful lot of smoke.

  • Kevin G

    I have no doubt that he will be there on opening day. But I really think that because they may want to trade him the emtional outbursters may not go unpunished this year.

  • Kevin G

    I really hope this idea kick Zambrano in the Butt and makes him grow up.