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12 responses to “No Threeway Trade Between Cubs, Red Sox, and Padres – For Now”

  1. juniorbors

    Ace, question for ya? I get the sense that you are underwhelmed by Ellsbury but I dont understand why. I know in 08 his obp wasnt the greatest but in 09 he was an absolute stud. He is not going to slug, but you dont need him to, in fact you could argue he turns singles into doubles. You could plug him in center and the 1 slot and not worry for 10 years. He is a terror on the base paths and is great in center.
    I would tend to disagree with your comparrison of Bucholz to Ellsbury career comparison. You are right “hype-wise” but statistically Ellsbury is much more refined. Would love to have them both, specifically Ellsbury, but still highly doubt it.

    1. johnny yuma

      cubs need trade

  2. Kevin G

    the trade isnt looking good here in SD, they are saying no trade until deadline. So got any ideas of center?

  3. Kevin G

    I like some of the guys in the Twins organization.

  4. Kevin G

    I still believe byrd is asking too much, and I think the cubs have about 6 to 7 million of room in there budget.

  5. johnny yuma

    we need frank lane no ha ha

  6. Kevin G

    Ok Ace I will wait to see your ideas before I give may new ones.