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24 responses to “BREAKING: Bummer Dude, Cubs Sign Marlon Byrd”

  1. marc


  2. Mike

    Hendry signing a mediocre player to a multi year deal is as predictable as drunk teens getting it on on prom night. Another reason Hendry should be sent packing.

  3. Kevin G


  4. DaveB

    I hear the contract is $3 this year, $5.5 the second year and then $7.5 the final year.

    Great work Hendry! Im starting to jump on the fire Hendry train as well, this is getting rediculous. $15 mil for Byrdman???

    1. DaveB

      And yes I can do math, I know that comes out to 16 mil instead of 15. Either he got a signing bonus or the numbers are wrong, but obviously it is backloaded so our future payroll can continue to handcuff the team! YEAH

  5. Kevin G

    I think I just threw up little

  6. juniorbors

    The problem is it is backloaded and Jim Hendry must be loaded. Byrd is a product of Arlington. It seems like everybodys favorite line on this subject is …I hope Im wrong.

  7. Rylan

    Seriously, who’s the last player we signed to a big contract that didn’t come to Chicago and suck?

  8. Bo

    Why is Ted Lilly disappointing? He’s had 42 wins in the 3 years he’s been with the Cubs, deserving much more last year. His ERA has been stellar and has been consistent. Also, DeRosa was a fairly big signing, and he turned out very well. DLee and Ramirez also have big contracts signed within the last couple years and they’ve been very productive. Soriano only sucked last year. He was pretty good in his first two Cub years.

    1. Rylan

      No, I ment it’s disappointing that out of all our recent signings, he was probably the best. Which means almost every time we sign a free agent, he isn’t worth much.

  9. Kevin G

    Why do we need this guy he is not a RBI guy or a leadoff man so why?

    1. Rylan

      We signed Byrd because he was the best free-agent center fielder in our market avalible. We could have traded for someone else, but most likely that would require trading Castro, Vitters or Cashner, and obviously there was no center-fielder on the trading block that was worth any of those prospects. Granderson, maybe. But because we didn’t get a deal finalized we lost out on him.

  10. Kevin G

    Would have just let Fuld start a than Byrd. At least Fukd could leadoff.

  11. Kevin G

    I said Fulk leadoff not Sorry about the typo

  12. Rylan

    Am I the only one thinking that it would make too much sense to trade for Dan Uggla? He’s cheap, can hit for power, and would fill the ‘hole’ we have at second base. The Marlins are llistening to offers, and I think we should make a run at him.

  13. KB

    Ace, do you by any chance have info on Uggla’s advanced fielding metrics? From what I’ve seen, he’s mediocre (in a Theriot-type way), not a Dunn-type butcher. But I could be wrong.

    2B is a hugely important defensive position, but he’d have to be pretty terrible with the glove to negate his plus-plus (for a 2B) hitting. (he’s averaged 30+ home runs per year in his 4 years in MLB.)

    Thoughts? I hear that Fla. is in no rush to sign him up.