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6 responses to “How About Angel Pagan Coming Back to the Cubs?”

  1. ALS

    Is Hendry looking at a deal with the Giants for Aaron Rowand? The Giants weren’t happy with Rowand and ATT Park is too spacious for him to hit well. But he’s what the Cubs need. He’ll run through walls, he hits for a decent average (usually) and has some speed.

  2. Kevin G

    I really liked Pagan when he was with the Cubs. If only for his name was cool. LOL. But I was hoping the Cubs look into The Twins organization I think couple options there. One is Ben Revere is the one I really like, he was ranked 40th in the top 100 prospects in baseball. I wonder if they could get him. He is a great contact hitter and is really fast. But may need to work on taking walk.

  3. diehardcub

    Even with the Cubs having signed Marlon Byrd, acquiring Angel Pagan would stil make a lot of sense. The Cubs could still use a fourth outfielder and on top of that he is a switch hitter. When Pagan was with the Cubs I was shocked when the traded him to begin with. He would give Lou a lot of flexibility in the late innings from a defensive, pinch hitting and substitution standpoint.