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13 responses to “Report: Cardinals Re-Sign Matt Holliday”

  1. KevinG

    OK i have an idea and it going to sound stupid at first but read the whole thing. Go get Uggla if the pirce isnt crazy. they could use him at 2nd this year then move him to 1st or 3rd to replace Lee or A-ram next year.

  2. Cardfan

    Oh my…

  3. Kevin G

    On every trade rumor I have hear about Uggla all of them were wanting to move him to 3rd or 1st. He is a below average 2nd baseman. He has a good enough arm to play 3rd.

  4. Kevin G

    The giants were looking at him at 3rd.

  5. xolager

    The Cards bid against themselves. That always works out for the best, right?

  6. Dingo ate my baby

    The Cards are getting a good impact player and it hurts us bad. Easily they are the favourite in the central division.

    They have a good rotation – their 1-2 are aces on most teams… but it also depends on Penny and Lohse. Will the 2008 or the 2009 Lohse turn up? Will Penny turn up a fatty boombalada or fit as a fiddle? Can he pitch for the full 6 months? Or will he do his usual dominate for 3 months then fall off the wagon after the all-star break?

    But as with us, how flexible is their payroll now? What happens come trading time if they have a bucketload of injuries but no room or money to trade? Will having half their payroll to finance 4 players out of 40 bite them in the twot?

    This could be a contract that could have them dominate for years or leave them broke as buggery with no money to resign a Pujols or a Wainwright or any other type A free agent down the track.

  7. Butcher

    Piss. Piss and shit.

  8. Kevin Lager

    I want to see Holliday play a full year in StL before I get too worked up about this. Minus the female fertility drug angle, he could be primed for a Mannyesque second act with the Cards (a downturn after a monsterous half-season debut).

    The Coors/NotCoors splits are just too hard to ignore.

    I’m not saying that Holliday is going to morph into Vernon Wells, but I think it’s clear that a lot of the money he’s getting paid is a result of his Coors numbers. Why didn’t Holliday see the kind of bidding Teixeira saw last off-season? I’d wager it’s that a lot of teams don’t think he’s worth the money we wanted (and that the Cards basically eventually paid) when he’s not batting in thin mountain air.

    If this signing causes the Cards to lose even just ONE of Carpenter, Wainwright, or Pujols, then it’s a long-tern win for the Cubs. If the Cards lose TWO (or, ceiling cat willing, all three) and/or stay out of the big-ticket free agent pool from here on as a result of the Holliday contract, then doublepluswin.

    “Long-term win for the Cubs”? Haven’t typed that out in a while.