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12 responses to “Matt Holliday Got Paid – So is it a Good Deal for the Cards? The Cubs?”

  1. Jacob

    In all honesty, I hope Pujols becomes a Cub that year. I like Lee, but Pujols is better.

  2. Kevin Lager

    Oops, should have I posted my thoughts on the trade in this thread instead? Sorry.

    Summary: Should eventually be good for the Cubs. Maybe even doubleplusgood.

  3. juniorbors

    I get the essence of this article but with wrigley field being the home of the backloaded contract I seem to think we are handcuffed with less talent. As much as it pains me to say the cards are a better team by far then us. I mean by far. I agree its a move with which the rewards should be reaped in the next 2 seasons. Congrats cardinals fans on the next two central division crowns. Buy Jim hendry a cocktail next time you see him.

  4. KB

    This deal affects the Cubs exactly inverse of how it affects the Cards. IOW, it sucks for the short term, but in a few years the Cards will be saddled with an Alf-like contract.

  5. Cardfan

    It’s clear that the Cardinals were bidding against themselves – and they knew it. The market disappeared upon the Bay signing. Given the numbers he put up in StL, though, he is worth the gamble. He’s good and he avoids the IR. Everyone else was a distant Plan B. I’ll spare you the suspense and state again that AP is going nowhere. It may be the longest, weirdest contract ever, but it will keep him in StL for life. Take a look at the StL paper – it’s Musial/Pujols, Pujols/Musial. He is a permanent fixture. Plus, the Cardinals could easily handle a $120M payroll – hell, they just sold out the 2010 season with this move. I see this more as a bet against Carpenter’s longevity (he’s 34). The under 30 crowd (Pujols, Holliday, and Wainwright) are the core in 4-5 years.