In the modern era, where players move around from team to team with regularity, the discussion of which cap a player will wear when he enters the Hall of Fame is sure to become an increasingly divisive one. Andre Dawson didn’t play many of his seasons in that era, but there’s still a decision to be made: Chicago Cubs or Montreal Expos?

The Hall of Fame will meet with Andre Dawson to discuss the issue of which cap he will wear in Cooperstown. Dawson played 11 seasons with the Expos, six with the Cubs. The HOF decides, with the player’s input. When asked on Wednesday, Dawson said he was going to enjoy the moment and settle the issue of the cap later.

I covered Dawson in 1987 when he arrived in Chicago. He had his best days with the Cubs.¬†During an interview before Christmas with me, Dawson was asked which cap he’d prefer to wear into Cooperstown.

“I think you know the answer to that,” he said, chuckling. “And for a lot of obvious and personal reasons.”¬†Muskat Ramblings.

Obviously we hope that the Hawk enters the Hall as a Cub, and it sounds like he hopes so, too. Historically, however, the Hall of Fame has indicated a desire to have players come in as members of underrepresented teams – like the Expos. Dawson played almost twice as many seasons with the Expos than he did with the Cubs, so it would be no surprise to learn that the HOF is pushing for an Expo cap.

We’ll just have to see.

  • Kevin Lager

    No matter which cap it is, the important thing is that Hawk is in the hall.

    I’m a Cubs fan, but I’m also a migrant from the Expos (the only team that has seen worse heartbreak than the Cubs). These are my two favourite teams we’re talking about, but I can’t think help but think back on the poor old Expos and the more Expos that make the hall (TIM RAINES PLEASE!), the less likely they are to be forgotten.

    Please, for the sake of the beautiful old Expos, let Dawson’s HOF cap be the “M” that looks like an “elb”

    • Ace

      I’d love to see him in as a Cub, for purely selfish reasons, but I can understand where you’re coming from.

  • Kevin Lager

    Also, Dawson was al 11th round pick of the Expos. How many orginazatiosn give 21-year-old 11th rounders the shot Dawson got – and at the right position?

    Who knows how the Andre Dawson story would hvae been written had the Expos not drafted him.

  • Kyle

    he chose the expos

    • http://SOI Jeremy

      That would be incorrect.

  • Kevin G

    I dont care which cap he wears. I am just glad he is in the Hall, he should have make it a few years ago.

  • bean

    i am a mets fan from the 70s and 80s, and i have been trying to figure out the answer for a couple days. i don’t think there is a wrong answer. he is equally a cub as he is an expo. being the loser that i am, i’ve been going up to people at work and asking assuming they don’t know the news or their baseball persepective, the majority seem to think cubs, but i think i would answer an expo as a first reaction, but he truly is both.

    • Ace

      I think recency plays a part in things – I remember Dawson as a Cub not just because I’m a Cubs fan or because his best seasons were with the Cubs. I also remember him as a Cub because, well, that’s how I remember seeing him. He was a Cub more recently than an Expo. Seems stupid and simple, but it’s true.

  • Rappster

    I remember seeing Dawson at Wrigley when he was with the Expos. In fact, he got a lot of initial attention for coming up to the majors in a young starting outfield…which included Ellis Valentine and Warren Cromartie. Then he won ROY…

    As much as I loved him as a Cub…he played 11 years in Montreal. That’s almost twice the amount of time he played in Chicago…and he won an award up there. He also didn’t retire as a Cub. He played four more years away from Wrigley.

    I want him to go in as a Cub, but I’ll understand if the decision goes the other way…

    • Ace

      Yup. I don’t really think we can be upset if he ends up in the Hall as an Expo.