Cuban youngster Aroldis Chapman has been attached to a number of teams this winter, including the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs long ago appeared to bow out of the bidding – but word is breaking that Chapman has signed with a mystery National League team, despite being most recently rumored to be headed to the Angels.

Cuban LHP Aroldis Chapman agrees to $30M deal with National League team, according to source. Left Ft. Lauderdale airport this a.m. to sign. Jeff Passan.

Don’t get, well, any hopes up for the Cubs on this one. But it will be interesting to see where the kid ends up, and how soon he shows that he can pitch in the bigs. The Marlins are known to have made an affirmative offer, though $30 million is much higher than was reported to be their offer.

  • doc_blume

    Whoever took him is wasting $30 million on a relief pitcher.

    • Ace

      Rumors have it that it’s the Reds (guh!?), and it’s a five-year deal.

  • al

    yep espn says its the reds..good luck with that….evidently he doesnt want to play for a winner….hes like a kid in a candy store the more the merrier….wait til he finds out what dustys like!!! He’ll wish he was pitching in the motherland again!!!

    • Ace

      Make monay monay monay monay!

  • Kevin Gallo

    If the Cubs dont start doing something soon. They are going to be too old to compete with centeral teams. I understand we have some good prospects coming, but until then they need to add and subtract some pieces. They still need a leadoff man and I am not totally confident in Marmols to close with his control and abnormal mechncenics (sp). I have heard that the Cubs are revisting interest in Heath Bell. Love this guy met him and have seen him pitch. Great stuff and is a great guy got his autograph before a game last year and he stayed and had a nice conversation with me and my two daughters.

  • Dingo

    Very disappointed that we failed to land him and even more disappointed that he has gone to a divisional rival. I have been hoping the Cubs snap him up ever since I saw him dominate in the WBC.

    The trade off is that Dusty will probably break him after a season, especially with his 100mph+ fastball.

    • Ace

      I don’t know, Dingo – that’s a pretty sizeable commitment to make to a guy who is, effectively, a top draft pick. I hope you’re right about Dusty (not so much because I wish the kid harm … just don’t want to see him dominating the Cubs).