The Cubs will always be on top in Chicago. Whether it’s in fandom, ticket sales, market share, or general awesomeness, the Cubs are simply better than the White Sox.

Oh, and apparently Cubs fans kick White Sox fans’ asses.

A Cubs fan has been sentenced to 6 months in jail for helping to beat his White Sox fan brother-in-law so badly that he lost an eye.

Thirty-two-year-old Jaroslaw “Jerry” Czapla of Huntley was accused of beating Robert Steele after an argument at a children’s birthday party in July 2008.

Czapla pleaded guilty to felony mob action as part of a deal with McHenry County prosecutors.

He was also sentenced to two years of probation and a $500 fine. He must avoid alcohol until his probation ends.

Criminal charges are pending against his brother, and a third man is still at large.

Czapla briefly apologized to the judge at his sentencing. When the judge asked if he wanted to apologize to Steele, he glanced at him and said “Sorry” before sitting down. Chicago Breaking Sports.

The fight was big news back in 2008, and the truth is, we don’t mean to glorify physically pummeling a dude because he’s a Sox fan.

Unless it’s Michael Barrett whoopin’ on AJ Pierzynski. Then everybody wins.

  • DaveB

    Although its horrible that the White Sox fan lost his eye, the Cubs fan apology to him didnt seem very genuine.
    I guess some things will never change

    • Ace

      Yeah – I thought about leaving that part out. :)

  • The Tipster

    101 years and counting,need I say more

    • Ace

      No. You definitely needn’t say more.

      You should probably brush more, however.

      • The Tipster

        Don’t get upset, blame it on the goat,Bartman,OH blame it on Milton Bradley.

        • Ace

          I’m confused. You asked whether or not you needed to say more, and I answered that you need not. But here you are, saying more.

          Tell me you’re not one of those “illiterate” White Sox fans.

          • DaveB

            Wait a minute Ace, I thought all White Sox fans were illiterate?

        • Gargantua!

          Hey Tipster…do you remember the time I scanned your IP address, and used it to destroy your life?

  • Jacob

    Cubs 2 – White Sox 0

    Sucks the guy lost his eye. And I bet that child will never forget that birthday party. (If the kid is old enough to.)