Very sad news for the extended Chicago Cubs family: Angel Guzman’s brother died yesterday after he was shot in Venezuela.

Daniel Guzman, a drummer for a Venezuelan rock band, was traveling in a Grand Cherokee in Las Mercedes, located within Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, on Monday morning with at least two other people. Three armed men intercepted their SUV and one of the armed men shot towards the car, injuring two of the three people. Daniel Guzman died shortly after sustaining the gunshot wounds.

The newspaper’s report stated that suspects and motives of the shooting are still unknown.

Angel Guzman was not in the vehicle. Cubs officials have talked to the 28-year-old pitcher to offer condolences.

After our instinct to be sad and offer condolences, we have the natural, guilty concern: how will this affect Guzman’s 2010 performance? There’s no way to know, of course, and it’s probably best to not think about it, and instead just stop at the condolences.

  • Jacob

    Personally, I think he should take all the time he needs to recover. Its not like we’re short on pitching, and this kind of think should come before baseball regardless.

    • Jacob

      *this type of thing

    • Ace

      Absolutely. Well said.

  • Bo

    Daniel was as nice a person as you would find anywhere. He was as good a friend as one could have. He got along with everyone without exception. I will never forget you Daniel for as long as I live.