As expected, the Chicago Cubs continue to pursue a true fourth outfielder (poor Sam Fuld) as well as a veteran reliever (Jim Hendry loves ’em). The Cubs hope to land the two players by way of trade, rather than free agency – also not a surprise.

But the unexpected part continues to be the guys the Cubs are dangling to acquire a backup and a reliever: a backup and relievers. According to Bruce Levine the Cubs have discussed backup/nominal starter at second base Mike Fontenot, as well as pitchers Sean Marshall, Tom Gorzelanny, and Angel Guzman.

Look. The fact that those guys’ names are bandied about is, of course, fine. Fontenot is set to make a huge raise in arbitration, and his value is questionable. The Cubs are loaded with bullpen and fringe starter types, so there is only so much room for the Sean Marshalls and Tom Gorzelannys of the world. And then there’s Guzman, whom the Cubs internally have concerns about the future of his oft-injured arm.

But that said, there’s something I just can’t wrap my head around when the sought return is of the same variety. We’ll see how things play out, but I’d be very surprised if all of the familiar names – particularly those in the bullpen and/or the back-end of the rotation – are all still Cubs come Opening Day.

  • True Cub

    Again Hendry has no faith in his young players, Fuld I believe has proven that he deserves a shot at least at the 4th outfielder spot. The Bullpen Guzman if can stay health can take the Right handed setup man spot. If the dont give Fuld a chance trade him send him to a team that will give him a chance. Hendry has not done a very good job evaluating talent as of late. I think the Ricketts want to start using the Farm system, if not to bring up to use in trade. It almost think he is afraid to make any real move this off season.