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5 responses to “The Cubs Will Win This Year Because Marlon Byrd is a Nice Guy”

  1. Butcher

    It worked out well in 2005. I can’t see any reason it won’t work out well again.

  2. Cubfan3

    I like the idea of Byrd player personality is alot like Derosa, but I am concerned about the lack of speed on the team. I think Soriano is the fastest runner they have and he is coming off a knee operation. Im just worried that their speed will clog up the base paths.

  3. KB

    Lou is certainly correct. When figuring if a ball team will be a winner, “tranquility in the locker room” is pretty much the single most important factor. Number one…and it trumps all others.

    Indeed, a Hall of Fame manager once wrote a bestseller called “Nice Guys Finish First.”
    I fully expect a slew of warm social gatherings, mutual taint massages, and all 25 guys referring to each other as “Pal.”

    I commend the geniuses in the Cub’s front office for going so far out of their way to put together a ballclub in which harmony and brotherly love are the most important qualities.
    I think this bodes well for a highly successful season, like in ’05 and ’06. Those were the halcyon years, in which there was a lot of sweetness and light-heartedness, and none of the dreaded qualities like scrappiness and righteous anger.