Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry has long had an affection for Eric Byrnes, despite his having fallen off a cliff in recent years. So with the Arizona Diamondbacks in a roster crunch, and interested in dumping Byrnes, the Cubs were rumored to be looking at picking up Byrnes in a salary dump from the D-Backs a few weeks ago. Nothing ever came of it.

But, he’s about to be largely free.

Once LaRoche deal is official, D-Backs will need to make a roster move. Source says they’re leaning toward releasing Eric Byrnes. Nick Piecoro.

Byrnes is set to make some $10 million this year, but if he’s released, the Cubs could pick him up for the minimum (assuming there isn’t some kind of bizarro bidding war). And given Hendry’s previous overtures, you can be assured they will be first in line for his services.

Byrnes is still solid defensively, and he can play all over the outfield. And despite his atrocious .641 and .663 OPS the last two years in part-time duty, he still hit lefties fairly well, averaging an .800 OPS against lefties over that time. On a league minimum deal? Sure, why not.

But let’s not stop looking at other options, mmmkay Jim?

  • Rylan

    If nothing changes, expect this guy in a cubs uniform this year.

  • Canfan3

    Does Hendry realize that if the guy is over 35 has a history od injuries and hasnt hit water falling out in 3 years? Or is he just so blind when it comes to certain player he doesnt care.Can someone for the love of god please tell me why? Just kidding, I just dont think it a good idea.

  • http://bleachernation roger

    i think Byrnes would be a great pick up for the cubs…and for the league minimum…havent hears about alfonso soriano…hows he doing??? is his health going to be ok?? byrnescould fill in nicely in left field…still has great tools…

    • Ace

      Soriano’s been working out in the D.R. this offseason and, theoretically, will be healthy to start the year.

      Byrnes hasn’t hit for shit in a few years.

  • http://bleachernation roger

    Hendry should be trying to lock up DLee and Aramis Ramirez….especially Aramis the cubs havent had a 3rd baseman since ron santo…if hendry doesnt sign these two soon…iam will forver will do what it takes to get his dumb ass out of office!!!

    Cubs fan for life!!

    • Ace

      Haven’t had a third baseman since Santo? Damn – I wondered why all those easy ground balls kept going into left field.

      I kid. I kid.