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6 responses to “Eric Byrnes for Cubs’ Fourth Outfielder?”

  1. Rylan

    If nothing changes, expect this guy in a cubs uniform this year.

  2. Canfan3

    Does Hendry realize that if the guy is over 35 has a history od injuries and hasnt hit water falling out in 3 years? Or is he just so blind when it comes to certain player he doesnt care.Can someone for the love of god please tell me why? Just kidding, I just dont think it a good idea.

  3. roger

    i think Byrnes would be a great pick up for the cubs…and for the league minimum…havent hears about alfonso soriano…hows he doing??? is his health going to be ok?? byrnescould fill in nicely in left field…still has great tools…

  4. roger

    Hendry should be trying to lock up DLee and Aramis Ramirez….especially Aramis the cubs havent had a 3rd baseman since ron santo…if hendry doesnt sign these two soon…iam will forver will do what it takes to get his dumb ass out of office!!!

    Cubs fan for life!!