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2 responses to “Cubs Now Actually Talking to Jermaine Dye”

  1. Coldneck

    If Soriano continues his slide, Dye could very well be the starting LFer ifor the bulk of 2010. Paging young OF talent in the minors. Hurry up.

  2. Tanner

    I think this would be a great signing for the cubs. He will split time with Fuku and he would (eventually) play a lot for our guy Soriano. Also, he would be a great person to have on the bench. Who would you want up with bases loaded in the 9th inning with one out, Jermaine Dye or Koyie Hill? Dye can hit and he can be a VERY valuable player for the Cubs. How about a one year deal with a player option? I could see him playing over 100 games easily.