In case it wasn’t clear already: the Chicago Cubs do not plan to make many more moves this offseason. Disappointing as it may be, there are no more stars in the cards (though the Cubs will be scouting Ben Sheets today, along with no fewer than nine other teams). But that doesn’t mean the Cubs are done making moves, as they are still looking for a fourth outfielder and another reliever.

Piniella stopped just short of saying what the Cubs had planned for their holes in the bullpen and with an extra outfielder, but he seemed enthusiastic about the possibilities.

“We’re going to add a couple more players before spring training starts,” Piniella said Saturday between sessions at the Cubs convention. “And I would think – how can I say this – there will be significant, nice players. We’re going to add some nice players here. We’re not talking just adding players.

“We’re talking about getting a good fourth outfielder. We’re talking about getting a good late-inning relief pitcher. Nice pieces here.” Daily Herald.

Well, if Lou says they’re going to be good.

But seriously, adding a very solid fourth outfielder and a very good reliever (regardless of whether another reliever is actually needed) could make this a solid offseason, if not a great one.

  • juniorbors

    Solid if not great? What two players added would constitute making this a great off season? This has been a horrible off season. The cards got better while we tried to correct previous errors. Sounds like someone went to the cubs convention and was sipping the juice known only as cubs optimism

    • Ace

      I think you may be misreading my use of the expression “blank if not blank.” I mean it literally: good additions could make the offseason solid, but NOT great. Adding, for example, Jermaine Dye and Luke Gregerson would make this an acceptable to solid offseason.