The Chicago Cubs may be close to landing their veteran right-handed reliever. According to s a source of Jon Morosi’s the Cubs are in negotiations with free agent Kiko Calero. Calero, 35, was all kinds of awesome for the Florida Marlins last year – 1.95 ERA over 60 innings – but he largely did not pitch in 2008 after suffering a torn rotator cuff. Thus, the Cubs are handling this negotiation with care.

As much as I feel like spending on middle relief – particularly on a team with so many in-house options – is a¬†misallocation¬†of the Cubs’ resources, for the right money, Calero can only make this team better. No, expecting a sub-2 ERA is not realistic. But a return to Calero’s career numbers, meaning an ERA in the low 3s, is both realistic and attractive.

  • Kevin G

    I dont understand why they made this move. They have enough good young relievers. Just wasted money in my opinion.

    • Andrew

      “Enough good young relievers” is not a phrase that rings true to me. Since when can you have enough – especially in regards to Calero. I’m for it… and, it’s not my money.

      • Ace

        I’ve always hated the “it’s not my money” statement in relation to Cubs spending. It’s not my money either, so let’s just hope they sign every single All-Star, no?

        We have to be realistic: this team operates on a budget. And every dollar they spend in the bullpen is a dollar they can’t spend elsewhere. That’s why it matters. Year in and year out the top middle relievers in baseball are guys we’ve never heard of the year before – that’s because if they were effective year after year, they would be top setup men or closers. And if they were even better and more durable, they’d be starters. That’s why you give the young guys the job – and believe me, the Cubs have more than most (aside from Marshall, Gorzelanny and Samardzija, there’s Gray, Caridad, Patton, Stevens, Parker, Maestri, Parisi, Gaub, Cashner, Cales, Schlitter … I could literally go on for quite a while).

        As I said in the post, I’d support a Calero signing – though he’s not a sure thing.

  • Tanner

    The move isn’t done yet Kevin. Also, what is up with the Sheets topic? Man, I hope he will be a Cub!

    • Ace

      New post on Sheets is up – just for you.

      Um, and everyone else. :)