Hooray! The Chicago Cubs are looking at a starting pitcher!

Oh … it’s Mark Mulder?

The Cubs, Dodgers and Cardinals are among the teams still monitoring the progress of left-hander Mark Mulder, one major league source said.

Mulder hasn’t remained healthy over a full season since 2005. He is 6-10 with a 7.73 ERA in only 23 games since then.

Milwaukee has been linked to Mulder throughout the offseason and has a built-in edge: Rick Peterson, the Brewers’ new pitching coach, worked with Mulder during his best years in Oakland. FOX Sports.

Mulder hasn’t even thrown off a mound yet this year, so obviously this is very preliminary. And even if it weren’t preliminary, Mulder isn’t the guy you’d be counting on to fill in a spot in the rotation – he’d be a low risk flier. And even if Mulder was throwing as well as he was when he was healthy five(!) years ago, it’s not like he was a superstar. His last great season was in 2003.

But, um, he could be the next Ryan Dempster! So get excited.

  • Kevin G

    I would think Sheets, Garland or Davis wouls be better options. Mulder has been hurt more then Sheets. But I thought they werent looking for a Starting Pitcher?

    • Ace

      Davis is now gone.

      Thing is, of course we’d rather have those guys – they’re actual starters. Mulder is just a flier.

  • Cardfan

    Good move – a perennial IR pitcher who implodes in post-season play. Enjoy!

    • Ace

      Ha – yes, Card fans have a particularly good reason to dislike Mulder.