No, it should not be a surprise that the Chicago Cubs were not players for starting pitcher Joel Pineiro, despite repeated national reports that the Cubs were involved. Buster Olney even went so far as to once state the Cubs were the leader. We did our best to debunk these reports, but alas, we remained ever so slightly hopeful.

Those tiny, tiny hopes were dashed last night when Pineiro¬†signed with the Anaheim Angels. So did he get the 3/$30 million he was looking for? I mean, if he did, there’s no reason to fret. It’s not like he signed for only two years, and a total reasonable, affordable salary.

Oh. He signed for two years and $16 million. Bummer.

  • xolager

    Ugh, that sucks. 2@$16tot seems reasonable.

    Make you wonder if the Cards offered a similar deal, but backloaded it to pay out until 2035.

  • Butcher

    The contract will seem reasonable until he comes crashing back down to earth after leaving St. Louis. Pineiro didn’t miss enough bats for me to believe that what was saw last season was “real.”

    • Ace

      It’s not like he was bad before he came to Stl. It was his best year, sure, but he’d been consistently ok before that.

      • Butcher

        Yeah. I could see him continue to be OK. Consistently.

  • xolager

    Good point, but if he can keep his ground ball rate close to where it was in 09, he’ll cover the bet.

  • Cardfan

    He cracked the code and pitched consistently well. If he has a good infield behind him, he will win 12-15 games. Of course, Mulder or Sheets are INFINITELY better gambles for the money…