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5 responses to “Jeff Baker Wants to Punch Mike Fontenot’s Heart”

  1. joe grippo

    That’s the kind of mindset and competitive spirit we need on the Cubs… let’s hope it “infects’ others and we can put 2009 behind us in more ways than just chronological.

  2. DaveB

    In my view Baker proved he deserves the spot over Fontenote. I don’t think Fontenote should even be viewed in a platoon-sense, but instead in a backup role (until he can prove that 08 wasnt a fluke). But last year was just pitiful.

  3. Kevin G

    I really think Fontento stuggled more when they had him at 3rd covering for A-ram and he never really recovered from that. I really think he would do better somewhere else. Theriot will be take over either this summer or next spring at 2nd.