Word this morning was that Xavier Nady was the Chicago Cubs’ top choice to serve as fourth outfielder, and according to Tim Brown on Twitter, the Cubs have landed him. No details have yet emerged, but we’ll update as more becomes available.

UPDATE: The deal is reportedly (we’re using that word a lot today, no?) worth $3.3 million base, and $2 million in incentives based on games played. We’ll give a full analysis of the deal soon.

  • brian

    This is a great move as long as Nady’s elbow doesn’t explode

  • http://www.dmlabadie.com DML

    Nevermind game action, will his elbow survive the physical?

    • Ace

      Let’s hope if exploding is a season-long possibility, they catch it in the physical.

  • Hawkboy64

    I know how Tommy John surgery affects a pitcher as far as recovery time how does it affect a outfielder and will he actually be ready fr spring training or is tht his agent talking.

    • Ace

      Positional players can “recover” much more quickly from TJS in the sense that the demands on their arm are far less than a pitcher. I’m less concerned about the arm and more concerned about not having hit Major League pitching for a year.