The Chicago Cubs will announce today that they’ve signed Chad Tracy to a minor league contract, which we already knew yesterday. But now we’ve got some of the particulars on the deal.

If Tracy makes the Cubs’ big-league roster, he would earn $900,000, plus up to an additional $525,000 if he gets 450 plate appearances, a source familiar with the contract told’s Jayson Stark. The deal also contains award incentives, including a $100,000 comeback-player-of-the-year bonus. ESPN Chicago.

If Tracy gets 450 plate appearances, either he’s had a tremendously awesome season, or the Cubs’ health has had a tremendously awful season.

  • Tanner

    Am I the only one who is worried about next year? I mean, if Lee leaves and Ramirez leaves, the Cubs are in DEEEEEEEP trouble.

    • Ace

      Ted Lilly will be a free agent, too. It’s hard to know what the plan is – at some point, the Cubs have to let those guys go, but unless Josh Vitters REALLY progresses this year, they don’t really have internal replacements for either of Lee or Ramirez. There’s chatter of extending Lee, and there’s a chance that Ramirez doesn’t opt out of his deal.