Remember when Jim Edmonds was a star for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Grr. We hated that guy. He was so … douchey. And so … cocky. When Carlos Zambrano threw at him – twice – Edmonds totally deserved it. Grr. We hated that guy.

But then, after being cast off by the San Diego Padres, the Cubs signed Edmonds to a low risk, low money deal. Then, to everyone’s surprise, he actually produced. And it really stuck in Cardinals fans’ craws.

Hooray! We loved that guy!

Still, it felt … wrong. We’re a fickle sort, sure, but such instantaneous love for a guy we’d been trained for so long to hate was difficult to process.

Well I have good news, fellow Cubs fans: Jim Edmonds is making a comeback with the almost-equally-hated Milwaukee Brewers. Grr! We hate that guy!

Edmonds, 40, signed a minor league deal with the Brewers yesterday, who will have until late March to either place him on the Major League roster (and pay him $850k), or release him. At which time we can make a decision, again, as to whether he’s a good guy or a megadouche.

  • Bobby A

    I never stopped hating Jim Edmonds. He is one of my least favorite Cubs of all time, and I did not root for him. I actually did not feel that bad when the Cubs didn’t make the post season because I really did not want Edmonds to win a ring with the Cubs. I boo’d him in a Cubs uniform. I did not appreciate what he was doing in a Cubs uniform because I hate his sour attittude. He was just like when the Bulls had John Starks and fans boo’d him everytime he got off the bench. Don’t pretend that all Cub fans “loved” Jim Edmonds because he OPS’d over .800 or whatever. He stinks.

    • bodman

      Wait a minute… you are a Cubs fan who didn’t mind them losing just because of your hatred towards one guy? WTF? That makes no sense whatsoever. And they did make the playoffs that year and let me guess? You loved watching the shitty season that was last years season because of that angry guy in right field? You sir.. are an idiot.

      • Ace

        Indeed. If I could echo just one part, it would be “WTF.”

  • Cardfan

    Dear Jimmy-
    Stop. It’s over. Find something else to do…please

  • Nikki

    This writer does not know Jimmy Edmonds. He has fans. He has a following. I used to take my niece to all of his games in Anaheim. We have been to St. Louis, watched him play in Denver, San Diego and Phoenix. He has always been friendly, stopped to say Hello, pose for pictures and sign autographs. He asks about our family and is a very kind man. This past March we went to see Jim at the Brewers training camp. He gifted my niece with a personalized autographed bat. She was thrilled. So that’s who Jim Edmonds is to our family. I’m sure we can’t be the only people lucky enough to be fans of this great player!

    • Ace

      Are you, by chance, a crazy person?

    • ed


    • Cardfan

      bizarre, in a creepy boiled-rabbit kind of way…