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9 responses to “Mark Prior is Still Coming Back”

  1. Tanner

    What a sad story. I wouldn’t mind if the Cubs signed him to a minor league deal and see what happens. You gotta love his determination! I hope he does make a comeback. I always did, and will be, pulling for this guy! Wouldn’t it be amazing if he got 10 wins in the major league deal?!! GO MARK YOU CAN DO IT MAN!

  2. KB

    He’s had the strangest career of any player I can ever remember.

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    [...] Mark Prior for example. One of the lunatics in my life saw fit to make me live through his incessant harping [...]

  4. givejonadollar

    Prior might be a good long reliever out of the pen. I would love to see him get a shot if his arm action returns.

  5. Chrisians, Tanner

    Mark Prior would be a guy I’d like to have a beer with. Can you imagine how sad of a story he has to tell. The guy was easily the best pitcher in the game. And even playing for the cubs he never choked in the playoffs. I miss his presence on the team and would love to see him back in a cubs uniform in a couple years.

    1. Jeff

      Never choked in the playoffs… except for game 6 of the 2003 nlcs

  6. John

    Maybe if he’d learn proper pitching mechanics, he’d be a viable pitcher in the majors. I’m guessing he won’t, and we’ll just keep rinsing and repeating…the same injury cycle that has plagued his entire career.

  7. nj pearson

    This former Chicagoan remembers Prior as a cry-baby; wish to be wrong.