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Month: January 2010

So is the HOF Hawk a Cub or an Expo?

In the modern era, where players move around from team to team with regularity, the discussion of which cap a player will wear when he enters the Hall of Fame is sure to become an increasingly divisive one. Andre Dawson didn’t play many of his seasons in that era, but there’s still a decision to […]

Andre Dawson: Hall of Famer

Andre Dawson belongs in the Hall of Fame, and soon he shall be there. Today, Dawson gained admission to the holy of baseball holies, receiving 77.9% of the vote (he needed only 75% – total blowout, right?). Dawson will be inducted on July 25 in Cooperstown, and will be joined by manager Whitey Herzog and […]

Matt Holliday Got Paid – So is it a Good Deal for the Cards? The Cubs?

Two weeks ago, it looked like the St. Louis Cardinals were going to lose Mark DeRosa, Joel Pineiro, John Smoltz, and Matt Holliday this offseason. Things were looking up for the rest of the National League Central. And then yesterday, the Cardinals re-signed Matt Holliday to a seven year, $120 million deal. Humbug. Setting aside […]

It’s Hall of Fame Decision Day for Andre Dawson

This year’s Hall of Fame vote will be revealed at 1p.m. CT today, and Andre Dawson should be among those receiving the requisite 75 percent needed for induction. Last year, Dawson received 67 percent. We’ve already shared our belief that Dawson belongs despite his perceived shortcomings, but for good measure, and to take you back […]


Report: Cardinals Re-Sign Matt Holliday

According to a report from SI, the St. Louis Cardinals have re-signed outfielder Matt Holliday to a massive seven-year, $120 million contract, with a team option for an eighth year. We’ll have an informative update/analysis tomorrow, but for now: fiddle sticks.

If You Were Curious About the Financing of the Chicago Cubs Deal

Though it will probably never again come up in the context of operating the franchise, it is interesting to know how the sale of the Chicago Cubs was financed – it looks like a big ‘ole mortgage, with the Ricketts family putting down $171 million, and taking on $674 million in debt. That debt has […]

Carlos Zambrano Would Accept a Trade to the White Sox?

Last week, when rumors of a possible Carlos Zambrano trade bubbled over, Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry came forward with his rebuttal: it wasn’t happening. No, not because the Cubs love Zambrano and would never trade him (I still can’t get over the fact that Hendry did not say this); instead, Hendry’s reason? Zambrano […]

Neal Cotts is a Pittsburgh Pirate

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed (now) former Chicago Cubs reliever Neal Cotts to a minor league deal. Cotts is rehabbing from mid-season Tommy John surgery, and was non-tendered by the Cubs earlier this offseason. Most thought Cotts would accept a minor league deal with the Cubs, but perhaps he realized that if he makes it […]

Rosenthal Thinks Ben Sheets Ends Up with the Cubs

Wouldn’t it be incredible to be a pundit? Readers hang on your every word – no doubt earned after years of excellent writing and reporting. So I don’t begrudge Ken Rosenthal his following or his platform. But when he tosses out predictions like the Chicago Cubs signing Ben Sheets, it would be nice if he […]


Chicago Cubs Considering Jon Garland

With Ted Lilly rehabbing from surgery, with an empty fifth starter spot, and with Randy Wells coming out of nowhere last year, we’ve been saying for months that the 2010 Chicago Cubs could use another quality, established starting pitcher. And from the sound of things, they’re actually getting on board with that notion. Bruce Levine […]

Chicago Cubs Talking Pitcher Trade with Toronto Blue Jays

The Chicago Cubs continue to look for another reliever and/or a swing pitcher – someone who could fill in at the back end of the rotation if necessary, but who will primarily work out of the pen. And no, for some reason, previously successful swing pitchers Sean Marshall, Tom Gorzelanny and Jeff Samardzija don’t qualify […]

The Cubs Are Caravaning in 2010

If your kids are looking for a chance to see some of their favorite Chicago Cubs players and coaches in person … you might have to tell them to be a little more realistic. Their favorites are unlikely to participate in this year’s Cubs Caravan – but it should still be cool: The Caravan will […]

The Cubs Have One of the Minor League Baseball Pitchers of the Year

If you’re looking for feathers in the collective Chicago Cubs’ caps, this year was not particularly featherly. But one of the team’s prospects stepped up and took home an individual award. Reliever David Cales was the reliever of the year for his efforts at High A Daytona. [Cales] went 3-0 with a 0.78 ERA and […]

The 2009 Chicago Cubs: Recalling Those “Worst Case Scenarios”

Oh those Chicago Cubs. They are, as always, predictably unpredictable – with the exception that they are predictably disappointing. Now, with the advent of 2010, we can finally reflect dispassionately on the 2009 Chicago Cubs. The 2009 iteration of the Cubs was no exception in the disappointment department. We didn’t quite know how things would […]