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5 responses to “Theriot, Cubs Digging In”

  1. jstraw

    I find this hilarious. I think they should just non-tender his mediocre ass if 2.6 mil doesn’t float his boat. He can be replaced for less than that.

  2. Kevib G

    As much as I like Theriot he is really losing points with me. I mean I would love to make 2.6 million, but I wont. He is being greed and it not like he had a great year last year. This is coming from the man the has defended Theriot to anyone who as bad mouthed him online that I could find. I am very disappointed.

  3. roadunner9779

    I think what he is asking for in ridiculous considering that orlando cabrera who is a proven shortstop and leadoff hitter is signed for essentially 2 years 3 million per year. If theriot gets 3.4 mil this year he will end up making 4million next year. I have always liked him. But he is below average at. His position and he makes to. Many mental mistakes . I think he should trade him for a pitcher and give andres blanco a chance at short. Blanco is 100 times better defensively and I think would still put up better offensive numbers. Also he is a switch hitter. Trust me theriot is one of my fav players but he is below average in talent, and makes up for it with scrappiness.