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4 responses to “Ryan Theriot and the Cubs Are Gonna Fight”

  1. KB

    Good article, Ace.
    But in Ryan’s defense, here’s what I’d say: this may be his only chance, in his LIFETIME, to make big cash. We bandy MLB salaries around breezily, but 3 million dollars, in the real world, is spectacular money, like hitting the lottery. If you were making $75 grand at your job, it would take you FORTY years to make it to 3 mil.

    Mr. Theriot has every right to believe that his skills may not ever buy him a similar payday in the future. Ever. So, If I were him, I wouldn’t be worried about 2011. I’d be desperately grasping at whatever money I could get from the Ricketts.

  2. DK

    Hendry should just take off his shoe and threaten to squish him with it.