With Tony LaRussa coming up for free agency soon, and Lou Piniella wavering between retirement and returning in 2011, maybe the Chicago Cubs will consider LaRussa for their next manager spot?

You should see your face right now. No worries – he feels the same way we do.

“You’ve got a double-headed whammy there. I have a lot of friends and fans that I’m close to with the White Sox. And you know White Sox and Cubs, they don’t mix. I’ve got friends and fans that I’m close to in St. Louis, and the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cubs don’t mix. So I think if there is one place that I don’t fit, just because of my past, it would be the Chicago Cubs.” Chicago Breaking Sports.


There is no denying that Tony LaRussa – for all his pitcher hitting 8th weirdness – is a great manager. There’s also no denying that Tony LaRussa is a douche.

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