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11 responses to “Remember Joel Guzman?”

  1. Matt S

    Obviously that’s the risk associated with prospects, but Castro is a bit of a different case because while he doesn’t have the ceiling Guzman had, he has a much higher floor. It’s hard to see him not contributing at the major league level at some point, something pretty unexpected would have to happen.

    Now with a guy like Vitters, I would absolutely be in favor of trading him while his stock is high, because he has a much higher chance of flaming out. I think your Guzman example is more applicable to him, and in his case you’re absolutely right, any trade that nets an established MLB star is definitely worth it.

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  3. KB

    Ace, I don’t have remotely as much info as Matt S about our prospects, but I presume that Castro has a high “floor” because of his non-hitting skills. A SS can be valuable even when he’s a poor hitter (see Izturis, Cesar).