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14 responses to “Is Tom Ricketts Laying the Foundation for Jim Hendry’s Dismissal?”

  1. DaveB

    Ace, do you take this as meaning:
    This season is Hendry’s last chance for his team to make a deep postseason run, or else we will have a new GM in 2011?

  2. Gargantua!

    What were you, Ace…bored?

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  4. Kevin G

    He is gone, if he doesnt make League Championship series

  5. Gargantua!

    I will…when you start basing your supposition on something other than someone else’s supposition.

  6. DaveB

    Gargantua, are you serious??
    This, to me, was VERY worth posting, and I wouldn’t have heard about it if Ace hadn’t posted it here.
    The owner indirectly calling out Hendry? To me, that is very newsworthy.

    What is it with all of these people calling out Bleacher Nation? To me this is the best Cubs blog on the internet, if you don’t like it then go fuck off and read some other garbage blog. You’re obviously more bored than you *claim* Ace is when you are posting your meaningless comments on here

    1. Rylan

      Go Dave :P