Although Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry has gone back and forth on whether or not the Cubs are done making moves this offseason, he waivers the most when asked about the bullpen. There can be no doubt that he’d like to add another right-handed reliever if the right opportunity comes along. It’s been rumored recently that any addition would have to be by trade, and a recent shoot-down of the Cubs’ interest in signing free agent Kiko Calero may confirm that.

The Cubs are still looking for late-inning relief help, preferably right-handed. That said, they could open camp without adding anyone else and possibly make a deal during Spring Training. There were rumors the team was interested in free agent Kiko Calero, 35, but he missed time in 2008 because of a torn rotator cuff and was sidelined last season because of inflammation in his shoulder. Calero is looking for a two-year contract, and the Cubs are probably hesitant to do something like that considering his injuries.

Of course, if Calero’s options dwindle to having to sign a minor league deal or a $500k-ish one-year deal, it’s hard to imagine the Cubs’ interest won’t pick back up.

For now, the Cubs seem to remain most interested in snagging Jason Frasor from the Blue Jays or Luke Gregerson from the Padres. One move makes sense (Gregerson) and one looks like a Jim Hendry special (Frasor).

  • Kevin G

    I really hope its Gregerson, the kid is really good and looks like he could be a closer in the near future.

  • Rylan

    What about a one-year deal with a mutual option for 2011?

    • Ace

      Mutual options have always struck me as odd – isn’t that what signing a one-year deal is anyway? A mutual option is actually just a worse version of it because it sets the money in advance. I’d just as soon let the two sides agree to a one-year deal during the exclusive negotiating window.

      That all said, I think it’s just too much money for the Cubs, even if he only gets $1 mill or so. I don’t think the Cubs need another old reliever anyway, so this is all playing out just fine with me.

  • Tanner

    1 year @ league min. Will it happen? Prob. not.

  • Dingo

    Relievers are always a crapshoot (otherwise they would be a shit hot closer). I can never understand Hendry’s chubby for a veteren reliever. The rotation is where he should be focusing.