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3 responses to “The Other Cactus League Teams Are Seriously Pissed About the Cubs Tax”

  1. DaveB

    Liking the Simpsons angry mob haha.
    And I have a hard time believing that a year or 2 of other teams paying tax is worse than the Cubs leaving… The Cubs will ALWAYS bring in the biggest road draw of any team, and im sure that this fact alone will more than make up for the tax in the coming years.

    But fuck it, if they’re so against it lets just go to FL.

  2. Realist

    The other teams are just whiny little babies. The surcharge won’t effect them at all since it isn’t their money.

  3. Tanner

    It is the White Soxs. They cry over everything, just look at their head coach. I am not a “fan” of him at all.