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12 responses to “Jim Hendry is All Kinds of Reactionary”

  1. Cardfan

    I would normally refrain a Hendry post. As I read through it, though, something struck me. What could it be? Hmmmm…

    Knee-jerk reactions to public pressure – check
    Failure to consider long-term implications of current decisions – check
    Willingness to over-extend the budget on programs (MB) that have demonstrated erratic or negative return – check
    Half-assed acceptance of responsibility followed quickly by justification and revisionism – check

    It makes sense now – JIM HENDRY FOR CONGRESS!

  2. Gargantua!

    I do not recall your saying that Bradley was “a disaster waiting to happen” before the signing.

  3. KB

    You can rag on me if you want someone who was looking forward to Bradley joining the team. I knew he was an excellent hitter, and since we had the most pleasant, mellow clubhouse in MLB, it seemed like it’d be good to add a little fire.

    I still think all of the above is true. I think Ace left out the biggest knee-jerk reaction in this whole sordid tale: dumping Bradley, dumping $20 million dollars, and replacing his bat with a far less effective alternative….all because Bradley whined to the press a little bit.

    Didn’t Abe Lincoln coin the phrase “Don’t swap horses in mid-stream”?

    1. Gargantua!

      I hate the end results with Milton Bradley. I would have far preferred our staying with him for this year…seeing if he could turn things around…to the garbage we ended up with.

      That said…do we really know the internal machinations? Are we certain that Bradley wasn’t making things impossible for the team? Were players reacting to the idea of his being with the team? Was Lou? Was Bradley telling the media that he wanted to stay, while telling Hendry that he wanted to go?

      We’re not flies on the wall. We don’t know the answers. Some are looking for provocative answers, and never leave any room for Occam’s Razor.

  4. KB

    I see your point, but if you’ve ever spent any time on a sports message board, then you already know that that is Excuse #1, whenever a front-office guy that you like makes an absurdly bad move.
    “Hey, we have no idea what REALLY goes on behind closed doors.”

    I would say, based on the past, and on having read extensively about baseball for decades, that the above quote is true maybe 10% of the time.

  5. BT

    KB, you don’t have to be on a sports message board to figure out what was going on in the clubhouse behind closed doors. Simply pay attention to the fact that NOT ONE SINGLE GUY stuck up for Bradley when the Cubs traded him. Reactions from the players ranged from indifference to almost shocking exuberance when he was dealt. Have you ever seen that before? EVER? This isn’t guesswork. This isn’t Excuse #1. This is simply a matter of paying attention to what is right there in front of your face.