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2 responses to “Rudy Jaramillo is Made of Magic”

  1. Scarey

    “Lou Piniella, for his part, has done little to eschew that approach.”

    Come on now Ace:

    Baker managed Cubs OBP by year:
    2003- .323
    2004- .328
    2005- .324
    2006- ..319
    Avg yearly OBP: .324
    Piniella managed Cubs OBP by year:
    2007- .333
    2008- .354
    2009- .332
    Avg yearly OBP: .340

    For reference, last year the best national league team in terms of OBP was the Dodgers at .346 and the worst was the Giants at .309. I think Lou has done a good job of increasing the on base philosophy of this team.