Shortstop Starlin Castro has seen a meteoric rise in the ranks of Chicago Cubs prospects since he tore up the Arizona Fall League late last year. Just 19 – he’ll turn 20 next month – Castro has played half a season at AA, but no higher. Still, fans and pundits have expected him to have a very real chance at making the Chicago Cubs big club this year after he was invited to participate in Spring Training.

But are the Cubs really going to give him a chance to break camp with the Cubs? According to assistant General Manager Randy Bush, the answer is no.

Bush was on Talkin’ Baseball with Bruce Levine and Jonathon Hood this weekend, and discussed, among other things, Starlin Castro. Bush explained that Castro still needs “more seasoning,” and it is not realistic to think that he will make the Cubs out of Spring Training.

Now, it seems hard to believe that, if Castro absolutely tears things up in Spring Training, and looks clearly defensively superior at shortstop, he will have zero chance to make the Cubs. That said, clearly the Cubs are no expecting it, and would prefer to send Castro back down to the minors to marinate.

h/t CCO.

  • Kevin G

    I hope he tears up Spring training just to shut up some of people thst say he is just hype. And the Cubs cant produce position players. Soto bombing last year didnt help that cause. I will be at a few games on the weekends I love Spring Training baseball and watching the young players trying to prove something. I would be interested to see what would happen with Baker, Fontento, and Theriot if Castro makes the team. This is going to be an interesting Spring.

    • Ace

      Getting to see the young guys in action is definitely one of my favorite parts of Spring Training.

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  • Mark

    If he isn’t a starter, it doesn’t make sense to call him up. It’s pretty clear he’s the future at shortstop, but he wouldn’t benefit by getting in the lineup once every fourth day rather than continuing on up the chain at AA and AAA.

    • Ace

      That has been a profound shortcoming of the Cubs when it comes to prospects. They promote guys quickly, only to see them sit.

  • Kevin G

    Ace I have a question you may know the answer to. Do you know if the non-invitee to spring training do they go Mesa to get ready for their season at the spring practice fields in Mesa? I havent been to a Spring training in 20 yrs.

    • Ace

      There is a minor league camp, yes – I believe it is a little bit later than the big league camp, but I’m pretty sure it is also in Mesa. Anyone want to correct/add?

      • Kevin G

        I really want to see Jay Jackson and Hak Ju Lee at least practice.

  • Hawkboy64

    Castro the next. Patterson, or any number of can’t miss prospects and even if he is that good will he get a chance to play b4 they give up and trade him fr marginal prospects I really hope he gets that chance