If you’re of the kind who likes to designate a day before Opening Day as the start to the 2010 season, today is probably that day.

Today is the official day that pitchers and catchers first report to Spring Training, but for the Chicago Cubs, it might just feel like another day at camp. A number of Cubs pitchers have been in Arizona for a while now, and both Geovany Soto and Koyie Hill showed up early.

In fact, a number of positional players – who are not due to report until February 23 – have long been in camp, including new Cub Marlon Byrd. He isn’t playing for a contract this year, so his enthusiasm to arrive so early is pretty exciting (yes, I’m aware of what I’ve said about the Marlon Byrd signing). As many as 15 positional players have already showed up, and the Chicago Cubs are clearly chomping at the collective bit to get the 2010 season underway.

The first, official team workout for pitchers and catchers is tomorrow.

  • necubsfan

    It’s champing. Chomping is accepted, but it’s also wrong.

    • Ace

      Haha, nicely said. My bad.

  • necubsfan

    My wife just told me both are correct and I don’t know what I’m talking about (nothing new). Keep up the good work.

    • Ace

      Oh, well then in that case, I take back my “haha.” You can’t have it anymore.

  • DaveB

    Is there a list somewhere of all the players in camp already?

    • Ace

      I haven’t seen one – just notes here and there. All the pitchers and catchers are there now, obviously, as well as at least Byrd, Colvin, Millar, Tracy, and some of the minor leaguers.

      • KevinG

        Were those Minor leaguer invitee or non invitees. I am still trying to see if who is going to be there when I get there.

        • Ace

          By the time you get there, all of the invitees to Major League camp – including some minor leaguers (we posted the list a couple weeks ago, I believe) – will be there. As for the minor leaguers at minor league camp, I’m not sure who all will be there. I would bet that guys you want to see like Jay Jackson will be there, though.

          • KevinG

            Sweet I have gone down alot of ave to try and finout this info. I was going to call the Cubs today if I didnt find out from you. Thanks alot.

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